Dry Defender Waterproof Sleeping Bag Liner

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Short Description

  • Great for sleepovers, camps, and overnight stays with relatives
  • Absorbent, waterproof cotton twill bottom layer
  • Slips easily inside any ordinary sleeping bag
  • Waterproof lower surface protects against leakage
  • Soft cotton top helps hold liner in place

With this waterproof sleeping bag liner, you can now confidently attend sleepovers, camps and overnight stays! This waterproof sleeping bag liner slips easily into any ordinary sleeping bag, with an attached cover to help keep the liner in place. Proudly made in the USA, the waterproof padded/lower surface protects against bedwetting and leakage, keeping the sleeping bag and floor dry all night long.

Manufactured by Dry Defender, this waterproof liner is available in green with a dark green cotton twill top. Simply sleep inside this liner to be assured of a night of no leaking.

Waterproof Reduces Allergens Flame Retardant

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The waterproof layer prevents any urine from leaking through to the actual sleeping bag. An extra benefit is that it prevents ground moisture from reaching the user.

Made in the USA.

Care Instructions: Machine wash and dry.

Color: Green.

Dimensions: 29" x 59".

WARRANTY Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
STYLE Reusable

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dry Defender Waterproof Sleeping Bag Liner

This was a great idea and gave child confidence about going to an overnight camp, but the design was disappointing when it arrived.The side seam was sewn too far up so that the side opening was very small and hard to get in and out of.It also seemed uncomfortable and constricting to sleep in, like sleeping in a tight tube because the opening basically was only at the top.The design would have been much better with a larger side opening.Child ended up sleeping on top of the sleep sack laid inside a sleeping bag.It was great for a psychological boost and would protect the bottom of the sleeping bag, but not very helpful for the top if you have to sleep on top of it.Fortunately, child was dry overnight, so I can't comment on whether sleeping on top of the sack would functionally work.Great idea, great potential, but needs improvement.

Dry Defender Waterproof Sleeping Bag Liner

Just received this today.Very pleased with the construction.My son fits in it nicely, and it will help keep him warm when camping.It's discreet and looks like it was meant to go with his sleeping bag.He is tall, so it could be a bit longer.I may have to take the bottom seam out if he grows too much for it.Otherwise, this is a fantastic product.Thank you so much for making these!Hopefully he will be able to sleep with ease when camping.

Dry Defender Waterproof Sleeping Bag Liner

this is not a "blanket" or even a "liner" its rubber and plastic with a 'canvas' cover. it would never fit in my 10-11 year old Scout's sleeping bag, let alone something he could take in a backpack or even a trunk. its so big and heavy. he would sweat all night.
i would 100% return it, but shipping it back it going to cost me an arm and a leg, then i have to pay a restocking fee. not worth it. going to try to sell it in a yard sale or craig's list and get some of my money back.