Dry Defender Quilted Underpad - Lumberjack

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  • Durable poly-cotton top, comfortable enough to sleep on directly
  • Soft, silent, vinyl weave backing
  • Absorbs up to 6 cups of fluid, won't leak
  • Lasts over 200 washes
  • Portable - ideal for travel

Proudly made in the USA, his washable 3-layer underpad features a soft poly/cotton top, an absorbent fiber fill and a waterproof barrier. The bed pad absorbs up to 6 cups of liquid, making it ideal for bedwetting, incontinence and pet accidents. The soft, vinyl weave backing stays silent during the night and won't leak.

The colorful lumberjack plaid design is great for children and more attractive than other traditional, plain colored mattress underpads. The underpad is heavy enough to stay in place, even for restless sleepers. Choose between two sizes: Small (24 x 36 in) and Regular (32 x 36 in).

Waterproof Made in the USA Machine Washable/Dryable

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Protective Bedding Comments

Great for middle of the night clean-ups, this washable underpad works great when making the transition from disposable briefs to cloth underwear, or when using a bedwetting alarm. The pad lays on top of the fitted sheets to protect the mattress and bedding. When it gets soiled, all you need to do is simply replace the pad instead of the sheets.

WARRANTY 2 year warranty
MANUFACTURER Item Code DD871099, DD856994

Customer Reviews

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Was sent cheaper puppy pads but charged for regular pads

Hopeful the product will work. They smell terrible out of the box. I ordered, and was charged for, 2 Regular Dry Defender underpads but was sent two puppy pads which cost less.

Dear April,

We apologize for your experience and have refunded you for the difference between the two pads. Please let us know if you have any additional comments or concerns.

Warmest Regards,


Teresa McCoy

Dry Defender Quilted Underpad - Lumberjack

Dry Defender Quilted Underpad Lumberjack

Best product found to cover furniture from accidental wetting

Daughter-in law
Dry Defender Quilted Underpad Lumberjack

It washes nicely and performs perfectly.Very attractive, also.

Dry Defender Quilted Underpad Lumberjack

I bought the underpad for my granddog, who is getting old and is having a hard timecontrolling her bladder. My daughter told me that the pad is working perfectly. She's actually putting on her sofa, and Lulu is lying on it, and if she should have an accident, the underpad protects her sofa. It was a good choice and I recommend it.