Premium Bed Bug Bedding Kit - Queen


Short Description

  • Most comfortable way to protect yourself from bed bugs
  • Works to both protect against infestations and to kill existing bugs
  • Also provides waterproof and dust mite protection
  • Made of poly knit fabric and a polyurethane barrier (box spring cover is vinyl only)
  • Comes complete with one breathable mattress cover, one vinyl box spring cover, and two pillow covers

Our Premium Bed Bug Bedding Kit effectively prevents and eliminates bed bug infestations. By completely encasing the mattress on all sides with a breathable yet secure barrier that bed bugs cannot get through, your bed is protected. By covering your mattress, box springs and pillows with our barrier encasements, any bed bugs that are already in will stay in, while bed bugs that are not already infested, will remain out.

Since you need to encase your mattress at least 1 year to ensure all bed bugs, eggs, and larvae are dead, you want to be sure you will be comfortable. Our breathable covers disperse heat, making them the most comfortable to sleep on.

Since you are not sleeping directly on the box spring, we offer a more economical solution to cover it in vinyl. With our kits, you also get our premium pillow covers, which protect your pillow from bedbugs, dust mites, drool, nose bleeds, etc.

WARRANTY 10 years on premium covers, 1 year on vinyl
STYLE Reusable
TYPE Mattress
SIZE Queen

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