Printed Waterproof Bed Pad - Star Pattern

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  • Colorful, kid-friendly design
  • Protects mattress, floor or play area
  • Reusable, waterproof pad
  • Machine Washable
  • Large 34" x 36"
  • 2 year warranty
  • Available in 2 sizes

New, colorful washable underpad is completely waterproof. Kids love this new design that is available in the large 34x36". Lies on top of the fitted sheet to protect mattress and bedding and can absorb up to 4 cups of liquid. This 3 layer pad has a waterproof layer, an absorbent fiber fill and a soft cotton top. Heavy enough to stay in place, even for restless sleepers.

Great for middle of the night clean-ups; simply replace the pad instead of the sheets. Helpful when making the transition from disposable to cloth underwear or when using a bedwetting alarm.

Dimensions are approximate. Designed to be used by children over 3 years of age.

Additional Comments

These pads discreetly protect beds, carpets and play areas from urine or any other moisture. Designed to coordinate with kidsÌ room decor, other kids just think this special waterproof pad is a colorful blanket or comforter. Not only for bedwetting protection, these pads also have many other uses. Protect your carpets from babies spitting up, use as a nap time pad, or as an auto seat cover for pets or kids with wet or dirty clothing. The nicest feature is that they are simply machine washed and dried for reuse. Buy several so you always have a clean one ready to go.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 34" x 36" (Regular) or 36" x 54" (Large)
WARRANTY 2 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Bernie halberg@live.com
Happy but also sad....

Went on-line to order the large size washable star pattern underpads but didn’t see them listed. Called to inquire and found out both sizes were being discontinued and they only had 3 of the smaller sizes left- which I ordered immediately. I have been using these pads for several years to protect the floor under my indoor dog kennel. I have 3 older dogs and these have not only saved my floor but my sanity. Also they are perfect to throw on a couch or chair to give them a place to lounge with no worries for me.

Printed Waterproof Bed Pad Star Pattern

I use this pad for an elder dog who has "wee wee" issues. It saves the floor/rug. I bought the smaller size but I find it is a bit too small and the large size is quite a bit too long. Something around 42" long would be better. Elder dog trained to the pad easily. I would buy this product again but maybe the larger one next time and cut it down.

Printed Waterproof Bed Pad Star Pattern

We were looking for something less institutional and were happy to find this product.It is a better pad than those you typically find and even better is the colorful pattern.Has washed well over the last several months since we purchased it.

Printed Waterproof Bed Pad Star Pattern

I use them for doggie pads if I'm going to be gone for more than a couple of hours. If they are washed daily or every other day they won't remain protective very long and then I will need new ones.

Printed Waterproof Bed Pad Star Pattern

Works great!nan