Ultimate Bed Bug Bedding Kit

Mattress Depth
Duvet Color

Short Description

  • Protects against all irritants: bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, urine, etc
  • Includes 1 mattress cover, 1 boxspring cover*, 4 pillow covers**, and 1 duvet cover
  • Premium bedding and duvet cover are breathable for comfort and allergy relief
  • Offers best bedbug protection on the market

Our Ultimate Bed Bug Bedding Kits provide everything you need to keep pesky bedbugs out of your sleeping environment. You get cool and comfortable bed bug protection for your mattress, box spring, pillows, and comforter/duvet. Not only do these items prevent and eliminate bed bug infestations, they protect your valuable bedding from spills, dust mites, urine, pet accidents and more.

Our Premium Pillow Covers are designed to encase your pillow in comfortable, soft terry cloth cotton while providing a urethane barrier. They work as allergy pillow covers, protect against common ailments such as nose bleeds, and provide a waterproof barrier for drool, spills and any other damaging moisture. By encasing them, you trap any irritants in and prevent new ones. This bedding set includes bonus pillow covers so additional sleeping pillows and decorative pillows can also be protected.

Our Premium Mattress Cover is the best mattress protector on the market. It protects against moisture, dust mites, and bed bugs. It is easy to put on and quick to launder.Unlike bulky mattress pads, this mattress cover can easily be washed and dried in any standard machine. It is the best allergy relief bedding with 0 micron film, but remains totally breathable, allowing you to sleep comfortably. Unlike vinyl covers, this product does not retain heat and is great for anyone who sweats at night.

What makes this bed bug bedding kit special is our Premium Duvet/Comforter Cover. This innovative product preserves the life of your comforter or duvet while providing a dust, allergy, bedbug, and moisture barrier. This product is especially popular with pet owners for dealing with dog and cat bed wetting accidents. This duvet cover is much smaller and easier to launder than a comforter. Like the other premium covers, it remains totally breathable despite its astonishing protection.The duvet cover is made of 100% polyester and comes in white, ivory, and blue.

Finally, we package all our bed bug protection kits with a standard heavy duty vinyl box spring cover. Since the box spring is not slept on directly, the vinyl cover provides the best protection in the most economical way.

* The King and California King sets come with two box spring covers to fit a split box design.

** The Twin and Twin XL sets come with two pillow covers.

It's important to protect your mattress and your home from a bed bug infestation, and the easiest way to do so is to completely encase your mattress in the bed-bug-bite-proof bed protectors included in this Ultimate Bed Bug Bedding Kit. The mattress cover included in this kit is breathable for more comfort, while still retaining the same level of protection from non-porous material such as vinyl. This kit includes all the protectors (mattress cover, box spring cover, pillow covers, and even a duvet cover) that you'll need to protect your bed from bed bugs for years.

WARRANTY 10 years on premium covers, 1 year on vinyl
FIT Zippered