Dry Defender Reusable Waterproof Overlay - Regular

  • Perfect for quick and easy incontinence clean-up
  • Reusable, absorbent pad
  • Flat and tuck-in (with 18" tails) styles
  • Machine washable
  • Dimensions: 33" x 25"

Conveniently keep bedding and furniture dry with this quality mattress underpad from Dry Defender. Replace the pad rather than the bedding to minimize your laundry chores! The bed pad features an absorbent layer, which helps contain up to 6 cups of fluid, and a waterproof layer, which keeps the surface of the bed dry. The soft top layer is very comfortable and will remain soft even after frequent washing.

These waterproof overlays come in two styles, tuck-in and flat. The tuck-in pad provides the same waterproof protection as the flat overlay, but with the additional benefit of 18"ン side flaps to help keep the pad in place. These bed pads help reduce laundry chores since you don't have to strip the entire bed and wash all the sheets. Buy two so your child can replace a wet pad should they have an accident.

These deluxe bed pads will last over 200 washings. The Regular size underpad (33 x 35 in) is designed to be used with a Twin size bed. Dimensions are approximate.

Waterproof Reduces Allergens Flame Retardant

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Protective Bedding Comments

These reusable, waterproof underpads can be placed on top of your sheets so if an accident does happen your bed will stay dry. Having two pads allows you to simply remove one pad and put another in its place. No need to wash all the bedding simply launder the underpad and you're ready to go!

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MANUFACTURER Item Code DD844999, DD845000
STYLE Reusable
TYPE Underpad

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Dry Defender Reusable Waterproof Overlay Regular

It give me some assurance that if she has a little accident at night that my bedding is protected.She is 13 years old.