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About Protective Bedding Store

Welcome to! The Protective Bedding Store carries a wide range of waterproof mattress covers to protect your bed from bedwetting accidents, incontinent pets, spills and more. If you want to guard against bed bugs and dust mites as well, try one of our fully encasing vinyl mattress covers or premium mattress protectors. The premium protectors are made from urethane so they're breathable and stay cool even in the summer. The vinyl covers aren't as breathable, but they're economical and very easy to maintain.

If you simply want to protect your bed from incontinence or spills, then a waterproof mattress pad or underpad will work just fine. Our waterproof underpads are available in both washable and disposable styles. If you have any questions about our bedding or want to buy bedding in bulk, please contact our friendly customer support team.