Dry Defender Disposable Bedwetting Mats - Pack of 12 - Extra Large


Short Description

  • Comfortable, absorbent, waterproof backing
  • Good for in-home use and travel
  • Available in 2 styles: Adhesive or Tuck-in
  • 2 full-length adhesive strips on Adhesive mat
  • Dimensions: 30" x 36" (Adhesive); 34" x 36" (Tuck-in)

The Dry Defender Disposable Bed Wetting Mats are comfortable, absorbent and feature a waterproof backing. They are designed and intended to protect against bed wetting. They work on beds just as well as on other household furniture and surfaces. They are also ideal for use on vacation and can be used to protect car interiors and sleeping bags.

The Disposable Bed Wetting Mats are available in 2 styles. The first is Adhesive, which features two full length adhesive strips on the back that hold the pad flat and securely in place. It works great on beds of any size and is best for travel. The second is Tuck-in style which is recommended for children who are only occasional bedwetters, as it can be easily removed on nights when your child does not wet the bed and re-used another night.

The Adhesive Style measures 30" x 36" and the Tuck-in style measures 34" x 36". They are both available in a pack of 12.

Waterproof Reduces Allergens Flame Retardant

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PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Adhesive: 30" x 36"; Tuck-In: 34" x 36"
MANUFACTURER Item Code 862506P; 852969P