Economy Bed Bug Bedding Kit


Short Description

  • Most economical way to protect mattress from bedbug infestations and kill existing bugs
  • Made of heavy duty 6 gauge vinyl for exceptional durability
  • Choose from 3 mattress depths
  • Includes 1 vinyl mattress cover, 1 vinyl box spring cover*, and 2 vinyl pillow covers

Our Economy Bed Bug Protection Kit effectively prevents and eliminates bed bug infestations by the most economical means. This bedding kit includes a vinyl zippered mattress cover that completely encases the mattress, creating a barrier on all sides of the bed so that bed bugs cannot get through. The kit also includes a vinyl 9” box spring cover* and two vinyl pillow covers for ultimate protection.

By covering your mattress, box springs and pillows with our barrier encasements, any bed bugs that are already in will stay in, while bed bugs that are not already infested, will remain out. Since you need to encase your mattress for at least one year to ensure all bed bugs, eggs, and larvae are dead, all our vinyl products are made of 6 gauge heavy duty vinyl which is built to last. Vinyl is also very easy to maintain since it does not need to be machine washed or dried – simply wipe it down with a damp cloth, and you’re good to go.

* The King and California King size bedding sets come with two box spring covers.


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