Premium Breathable Zippered Duvet Cover - Waterproof



Keep your comforter and sheets dry with this premium zippered duvet cover from Dry Defender! This premium waterproof zippered comforter/duvet cover has a cotton, stretch knit fabric laminated to a breathable, waterproof urethane barrier for comfort and protection against liquid stains, dust mites, bed bugs, and bacterial growth.

This is perfect if you have a sick child, bedwetting loved one or incontinent cat or dog. The fabric is breathable and comfortable, so you can use it directly against the skin. The protective urethane barrier keeps moisture out but allows for airflow, making this one of our most comfortable waterproof options!

The duvet cover can be used three ways: with a comforter zipped inside, on top of all bedding, or under a duvet. For example, it can be used under a decorative comforter or duvet as a waterproof blanket to provide coverage from incontinence without sacrificing style. It can be used on top of the duvet to provide mattress protection from accidents on top. Or, it can be used as a waterproof duvet protector and zip to completely encase the comforter.

This waterproof duvet cover helps keep the bedding dry and helps cut down on laundry. When accidents happen, all you need to do is wash the cover instead of the whole comforter or bed sheets!

Waterproof/Breathable Reduces Allergens


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Twin - 66" x 86", Full/Queen 86" x 86", King 106" x 86"
WARRANTY 5 years
MANUFACTURER Item Code DD98686, DD90686, DD96686
FIT Zippered
STYLE Reusable
CARE INSTRUCTIONS Machine wash warm up to 140 degrees. Do not use bleach or harsh detergents. Tumble dry to 140 degrees.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Julia Elam
Good Product

I recommend this duvet cover highly. It is protective from stains. Washes easy and dries well.

Ghada Hafez
Duvet cover, don’t recommend

I didn’t like the duvet because it was so hard to keep the comforter from slipping sideways even with the clips on. I would return it if I can but I don’t see the option.

Heidi Hostetter

My kitty has IBS so daily laundry is a must. This protective cover really slips around and the comforter is bunched up within a short time of putting the duvet cover on. I wish that the inside of the cover were not slippery. My purpose in buying this is that I would have to only wash the duvet cover rather than the whole comforter. While this is possible, the comforter bunches up and I am either too warm or only sleep under the duvet.
A great idea that ideally fills my needs, but the duvet, protector and cover need a better way to stay aligned.

Don't waste your time

I should've paid more attention to the reviews before ordering, the sizing is completely off, there is no way to secure the duvet inside so it moves around and bunches up. What a waste of $100.

bradley Smallberg
Only issue

It works great. My only issue is there should be a please to tie the cover the the quilt. This way it does not move all round.