Waterproof Mattress Protector with Anchor Bands


Short Description

  • Guaranteed mattress protection from liquids
  • Antimicrobial treatment inhibits the growth of odor and bacteria
  • Triple layer protection to ensure zero liquid penetration
  • 2" wide elastic bands on each corner for easy on/off
  • Fits mattresses up to 9" deep

Keep your mattress safe from liquids, stains and odors with this 3-layered waterproof mattress pad from Dry Defender. Each reusable mattress pad is made of a comfortable and soft top; a vinyl waterproof barrier that provides complete protection from odor causing bacteria, spills, and stains; and elastic bands that fit mattresses up to 9" deep. This mattress pad is also ideal for adult bedwetters, children and incontinent pets.

This waterproof mattress pad has been treated with antimicrobial agents to prevent the growth of odor and bacteria. It also features 2-inch wide elastic bands on each corner that secure the pad in place. The anchor bands make it very easy to remove and replace the pad after it gets soiled. Purchasing two pads ensures that your bed will stay protected as the soiled one is being washed. Choose from six different sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Waterproof Machine Washable/Dryable Antimicrobial

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This pad has all the waterproof advantages of a lightweight fitted pad, with an easy on and off design. It can be used for thin mattresses like sofa beds and futons, or expand to fit a full 9 inch deep mattress. This mattress protector is great for irregularly shaped mattresses that need waterproof protection.

Made in China or Pakistan.

Care Instructions: Machine wash and tumble dry low.

Color: White.


  • Twin - 38 x 75 in
  • Twin XL - 38 x 80 in
  • Full - 54 x 75 in
  • Queen - 60 x 80 in
  • King - 78 x 80 in
  • California King - 72 x 84 in

Two inch anchor band: each corner.

Note: All vinyl emits a petroleum gas that may be an allergen to those who are hyper allergic. The petroleum gas is necessary for vinyl to be pliable.

WARRANTY 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
MANUFACTURER Item Code DD13090, DD13050, DD13080, DD13070, DD13030, DD13040
DEPTH 9 in
FIT Anchor Bands
STYLE Reusable
TYPE Mattress

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Fits just right

Sometimes small grand children sleep over and now I don't have to worry about accidents or spills.

Waterproof Mattress Protector With Anchor Bands

Thin, lightweight yet water proof. Easy off, quick dry. Exactly what I was looking for!I am using it over my comforter at night to protect mybeddingfrommy senior cat's accidents.She sleeps on the bed and moves to different spots throughout the night. I use the corner straps on three of the corners, leaving the fourth corner where I get into bed off.Initially I had purchased a fitted, waterproof mattress cover. I was having to wash comforter, both top & fitted sheet plus the mattress pad.Now all I wash is this thin pad which dries much quicker than any otherthick, waterproof pad I have used.Folds up nicely & easy to store until it's time to put it on the bed again.

Waterproof Mattress Protector With Anchor Bands

Using product to protect mattress from pet "accidents".
To early to tell if mattress pad works-no pet "accidents" yet.
Very easy to put on top of mattress.

Waterproof Mattress Protector With Anchor Bands

Our mattresses already have a lot of padding so I didn't want or need mattress pads with extra padding/bulk. And you really don't need to protect the sides of your mattress -- the fitted sheet does that. (Also, the big, bulky mattress pads are sometimes difficult to wash properly.) I remembered the simple anchor-band mattress pads my mom always had and thought that type of pad would be perfect. But they are not easy to find. Glad I found them here! These pads fit our 16" deep mattresses perfectly. After about a week of use, they are staying in place just fine. Since we have only used these pads a short time, I cannot yet rate these mattress pads on durability or how well they hold up after washing. But so far, so good. Thanks for offering these anchor-band mattress pads!

Waterproof Mattress Protector With Anchor Bands

[...]I use the pad on top of the bed for protection from accidents.This is especially appreciated at night when an accident needs to be cared for.