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Bedding for Camps and Cabins

Having a clean, healthy and pleasing sleep environment is important when your child goes to camp. Waterproof covers protect your child from a soiled mattress, allergens and bedbugs. Inexpensive vinyl fitted covers can be put on the camp mattress to provide a single use, clean sleeping surface. Any spills or accidents can simply be wiped up. If a padded surface is desired, a waterproof mattress pad can be used for a camper's bed.

If you're shopping for bedding for your entire camp or cabin group, you'll need bedding that is durable enough to last you through many uses over a long term period. During off season storage as well as during regular use, mattresses are prone to mold, mildew and other allergen growth. Even plasticized camp and cot mattresses get cracks, allowing for allergen proliferation. Did you know that vinyl encasements can extend the life of a mattress up to 25-30%? Not only does the mattress look better, but it means that you’ll be purchasing replacement mattresses less frequently. We recommend these options for your camp or cabin:

The Best Bedding for Rental Properties

If you own or operate a rental property, you understand that renters don't always clean up after themselves. All aspects of your property are vulnerable to damage, including your mattresses. It's important that you protect your mattresses from spills and accidents. Purchase bedding that will effectively protect your mattress from careless renters for many years.

We recommend a few options to adequately protect your mattresses:

Buying Bedding for Your School or Dorm Room

If your son or daughter is going away to college, you'll probably be looking for inexpensive but durable mattress protection that comes in the Twin XL size that many dorm rooms require.

Some good choices are:

The Bedding You Need for Hotels and Inns

If you own or operate a hotel, it's important to find durable, long-lasting bedding that will protect your mattress while providing comfort for your guests.

If economy is more important than comfort, vinyl mattress protection is also available. Mattress pads with a vinyl barrier are available in a 3 layer basic style and a 4 layer style with a cotton sateen finish. These provide waterproof and allergy protection. However, vinyl is not breathable and because body heat cannot dissipate, some users find that this type of mattress protection makes them feel warmer when they sleep.

Even the best housekeeper isn’t able to prevent dust mites! Your allergy prone patrons will thank you for creating an allergy barrier on your beds. Polyurethane duvet and pillow covers are a popular, economical way to protect your expensive duvet bedding and pillows. Your duvet or pillow is simply slipped inside the white cover. Backed by a 10-year warranty, the durability of polyurethane covers outweighs the initial investment.

We recommend taking a look at the premium options below:

The Best Bedding for Healthcare and Rehabilitation Facilities

It's important to have durable, long-lasting protective bedding that is easy to wash and clean between patients. Be sure to view our easy instructions for washing your protective bedding.

We recommend these machine-washable options for protective bedding:

Protective Bedding for Incontinence

To protect your mattress from incontinence, any of our waterproof mattress pads or covers will do a great job. For the most protection from nighttime accidents, we recommend the following products:

Bedbugs Protection

Bed bugs, once believed to be a historic problem in this country, are at the highest level in 50 years, most likely due to international travel and immigration. Bedbugs quickly move from one bed to another, so are especially difficult for homes or facilities with a large number of beds. Fortunately, there are a variety of highly effective protective bedding products available to protect your bedding investment from bed bugs. Protective bedding products prevent bedbugs from ever establishing residency in the mattress or seal them in, if they have already become a problem.

Tips for protecting your bedroom from bed bugs:

  • Commonly, the first sign of bed bug infestation is the appearance of small brownish or reddish dots on bed linens. An itchy, small, white welt may develop at the site of each bite in persons who have slept on a mattress with bed bugs.
  • Encase all bedding- mattresses, box springs and pillows- in zippered encasements.
  • Wash all bedding materials, including pillow cases, sheets, blankets and mattress pads in hot water over 130 degrees.
  • Frequently vacuum your bedding and surrounding areas. After vacuuming, place the vacuum bag into a sealed bag and dispose of in an outdoor container.
  • Closely inspect all used bedding and furniture before bringing it into your home.