Protective Bedding for Rental Properties

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Protective Bedding for Rental Properties
A wise investment to protect and extend the life of your mattresses

Unfortunately, you have no control of the tidiness of your renters. Horror stories abound of rental properties being trashed and mattresses ruined with the inconsiderate spilling of drinks, bedwetting accidents, stains from other bodily fluids and even the importation of bedbugs. A few dollars spent now to protect your valuable mattresses will pay off by decreasing the need for replacement and increasing the life of your mattress up to 25%. The Protective Bedding Store, with our experience in the vast array of protective bedding, can provide you with the most economical products to meet your needs.

Rental property owners have several things in mind when choosing protective bedding. Their protective bedding must:

  • Keep mattresses fresh and comfortable
  • Be easily cleaned or replaced between renters
  • Prevent infestations of bedbugs, lice and dust mites
  • Be waterproof to prevent fluid stains
  • Be an economical way to extend mattress life

Zippered vinyl mattress encasements are very inexpensive, effective and durable. They protect the mattress on all four sides from fluids and stains, dust mites, and bedbugs. These are 100% waterproof, repelling any type of fluid, which can then be wiped away. Easily cleaned between users with a disinfectant, they come in a variety of gauges (thicknesses) and sizes. The heavy duty 6 gauge vinyl is our most popular for rental units. Three gauge vinyl is less durable, but also more economical, while providing the protection that you need. In addition to the zippered vinyl encasements, we carry skirted vinyl covers that protect 3 sides and are easily removed and replaced. These sell for only a few dollars each and are the least expensive option. These encasements and covers come in a full line of sizes, from twin to king, and in a variety of depths. Measure your mattress depth before ordering to insure that you get the right size.

Bedbug infestations in the US are the highest they have been in the last 50 years. Prudent rental property owners ward off this potential problem before it starts. Once a problem begins, the solution is to destroy the mattress or totally encase it with a zippered cover, often on an emergency basis. By having the mattress totally encased from the beginning, bedbugs aren’t able to live in the mattress, thus avoiding potential problems.

Allergens, especially dust mites, are problematic for renters with a history of asthma and allergies. An uncovered mattress and pillow are breeding grounds for dust mites and could potentially affect the health of your renters. Our vinyl or polyurethane mattress encasements prevent the proliferation of dust mites. These are both zippered covers, protecting all 4 sides of the mattress. The difference is that the polyurethane encasement is breathable, with micro pores, which prevent the dust mites from getting through to the surface. A breathable cover does allow for the dissipation of body heat so may be a more comfortable sleeping surface than vinyl. Breathable, polyurethane pillow covers allow for restful sleep without the crunchy feeling of a vinyl cover. Polyurethane covers can be machine washed and dried.

If you are looking for a higher quality, comfortable, water and allergen proof cover, you might consider the premium mattress encasements and covers. Not only do these have the breathable polyurethane barrier, they come with a comfortable terry-loop top or a thick quilted pad. Similar to what is used by high quality hotels, these provide a comfortable night of sleep and the users aren’t even aware that they are sleeping on protective bedding.

No matter how many beds you have or how old they are, the Protective Bedding Store can help. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with us and our prices beat the competition. Please look at our bedding comparison chart to compare the various products. Call or email us with specific requirements or for bulk pricing.