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Solutions for Camps and Cabins
Economical products to protect and extend the life of your mattresses

Having a clean, healthy, esthetically pleasing sleep environment is important to camps. Because of the Protective Bedding Store’s experience with the vast array of protective bedding, we can help you select the right products to meet your needs. Your campers spend one-third of their time in their beds! Isn’t it important that they be provided with a clean, healthy sleep environment?

During off season storage as well as during regular use, mattresses are prone to mold, mildew and other allergen growth. Even plasticized camp and cot mattresses get cracks, allowing for allergen proliferation. Did you know that vinyl encasements can extend the life of a mattress up to 25-30%? Not only does the mattress look better, it means that you’ll be purchasing replacement mattresses less frequently.

Inexpensive vinyl zippered encasements serve many purposes:

  • Protect from urine, bedbugs and other allergens
  • Cover cracked or stained mattresses
  • Allow for easy clean up
  • Protect the health of your campers

Quickly cleaning the mattresses between campers can be challenging. Vinyl encasements are simple to clean, with a quick scrub and a little disinfectant spray. Our 8 gauge, heavy duty zippered vinyl covers come in cot, twin and twin XL sizes and are available in opaque green or clear white. Three and six gauge economical options are also popular among camps. Although not as durable as the 8 gauge vinyl, they do provide complete coverage and would just need to be replaced a little more frequently.

Bed bug infestations in the US are the highest they have been in the last 50 years. Authorities cite overseas travel and transient users as possible causes. Prudent camp directors ward off this potential problem before it starts. Although they do not carry disease, they easily spread from one bed to the next, even to adjoining rooms through duct systems, and their bites can be very bothersome. Once a problem begins, the solution is to destroy the mattress or totally encase it with a zippered cover, often on an emergency basis. By having the mattress totally encased from the beginning, bedbugs aren’t able to live in the mattress, thus avoiding potential problems.

Another situation that camps and campers frequently encounter is bedwetting. About 5% of school aged children suffer from bedwetting, posing another hurdle for camps and counselors. Having an intact waterproof mattress protector is essential to protect your mattress and preserve the campers’ self-esteem. Campers handle bedwetting situations differently. The Protective Bedding Store carries a full line of waterproof absorbent mattress overlays and mattress pads as well as waterproof sleeping bag liners. Urine residue is best removed with an enzyme based cleaner, such as OdorZyme. It is available in the ½ gallon economy size for use by camps and institutions. By using the proper bedding and cleaning products, a potentially embarrassing situation can be alleviated.

No matter how many beds in your camp, the Protective Bedding Store has products that will provide the protection that you need. View our cot vinyls now, or call or email us with specific requirements or for bulk pricing.